RE:BALANCE FOR HER™ Female Revitalizer (60 capsules)

Put back what modern life and stress take out – the RE:BALANCE FOR HER formula uses 7 carefully selected Ayurvedic herbs to support your body in every important aspect: stress, inflammation, sleep and rest, hormone cycles, and mental alertness. One capsule, ALL of the benefits!


The RE:BALANCE FOR HER unique ayurvedic blend of natural ingredients is formulated to rebalance female hormone levels, fight inflammation, improve reproductive health, and improve your body’s ability to cope with stress for overall improved radiance and revitalization.


RE:BALANCE FOR HER is a unique formulation of natural ingredients that are renowned for their restorative properties. Remember, change takes time and it is essential that you stick to the capsules daily in order to help your body though the process of rebalancing!

The emphasis is on establishing overall wellness, not just a single element. The RE:BALANCE FOR HER formulation promotes holistic balance through properties that are:

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduce fatigue and oxidative stress
  • Regulate menstrual pain
  • Improve mental function
  • Combat the effects of stress by lowering cortisol levels
  • Improve sexual functioning
  • Improve libido
  • Improve cognitive function
  • PCOS support
  • PMS support
  • Reduce cramping and bloating
  • Regulate the menstrual cycle



  • RE:BALANCE FOR HER Female Revitalizer (60 Capsules)
  • (1 Month Supply)
  • Internal and external tamper-proof seal.



  • 2 x capsules daily with water or milk.
  • Store at or below 25 °C in a cool dry place.




  • Ashok Extract  100mg
  • Shatavari Extract  100mg
  • Brahmi Extract  65mg
  • Kamal Extract  15mg
  • Lodhra Extract  50mg
  • Methi Extract  50mg
  • Draksha Extract  70mg
Frequently Asked Questions about RE:BALANCE FOR HER Female Revitalizer

Yes. As a long term solution, RE:BALANCE FOR HER Female Revitalizer lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and helps your body cope better with stress and anxiety. By lowering the intensity and effect of stress and anxiety, supporting mental health, and promoting natural lubrication and vaginal sensitivity and sensation it promotes desire and arousal in the most holistic and (most importantly) sustainable way for a woman.

It is important to remember that a woman’s libido doesn’t have a “quick fix” like a button that can be pressed to get her in the mood. By addressing stress, anxiety, energy levels, mood, and healthy blood flow to the genital area your libido can improve in the most natural way possible.

Yes. RE:BALANCE FOR HER promotes a healthy, less painful and consistent menstrual cycle. It reduces menstrual pain, cramps, and bloating.

Yes – RE:BALANCE FOR HER has a strong hormonal balancing effect to reduce the intensity and severity of menopause.

Yes. It is safe to use with hormonal birth control including hormonal intra-uterine devices (IUDs). RE:BALANCE FOR HER is not a birth control substance.

Yes. RE:BALANCE FOR HER promotes healthy reproductive function and reduces the symptoms and severity of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  

Yes. RE:BALANCE FOR HER promotes healthy reproductive function and reduces the symptoms and severity of Endometriosis.  

Yes. The unique blend of RE:BALANCE FOR HER ingredients are known for its properties to promote healthy reproductive function. However, it is not intended as treatment for infertility or as replacement for medical treatment.